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Marcellina’s journey is shaped by earth, spiritual healing, and creation. They have been growing food and medicine for 6 years and working on organic farms in Minnesota and Hawaii for 3 years. They are dedicated to honoring planet and ancestor spirits in every aspect of her connection to land and life. Marcellina loves digging into juicy watermelons and jackfruits, and has dreams of creating a safe space for spiritual healing and connection on a Luffa and Noni Farm in Jamaica someday.



Sarah is a mama-manifesting-moon Queen, using music, activism, food justice, body intelligence, photographic storytelling and community space holding as a path to emotional liberation for collective connectivity.

Specializing in bodywork (Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy/Massage), community collective space taking & organizing, holistic family reformation, and intuitive cooking, Sarah strives to find ways to get people back into their bodies to learn tools to break free from patterns of trauma. To remember the ancestral knowledge we hold from the embryo and the seed. Sarah has been growing food since she was a child, but values the power of getting Black and Brown bodies back into the earth and deeply integrated into the disrupted journey of going back to the roots to heal.



Sophia is a devoted activist, earth goddess, creative chef, and compassionate doula. With a focus on climate and environmental justice, they have been organizing for Black Visions Collective, Midwest Mixed, Mixed Dialogues, Sprouting Birth Folk and has been active organizing resistance against Line 3. Their commitment to holistic living is intertwined in all aspects of their life. Sophia enjoys spending quality time in the woods and collecting native foods to create into delicious, healing meals.