Divine Natural Ancestry is a collective of three spiritual kinfolk living on Dakota and Anishinaabe land. We are dedicated to choosing life, love, healing through Radical Liberation. We are stewards of the earth, healers, creators, warriors, and visionaries. We are called to use our gifts to continue our ancestors Revolution and heal trauma both interpersonally and communally. We believe that the basis of all physical, spiritual, and emotional healing comes from connection to the physical and metaphysical land we inhabit. As our society destroys more and more of our earth and our connection to land, food, and medicine, it inhibits our ability to heal and dismantle trauma. It takes us further and further from truth. We are warriors for truth.

During the 2019 season we will grow food on urban land in several neighborhoods across the Twin Cities. Practicing natural and Indigenous connections to earth, we hope to generate high yields of delicious, nutritious foods, and medicines. We will distribute the produce we grow as a community to people who don’t have access to healthy food and medicinal resources. Using mainly bikes and some vehicles we will roll around the city of Minneapolis distributing food 1-4 times a week, depending on the time of the season. Creating connection with residents surrounding the gardens and the larger community alike, we will share urban gardening education and literature, create dialogue about connection to food, medicine, land and our ancestry. Hosting events, workshops, and meals monthly we will bring people together for sharing of food, community building, and healing. This is a much needed first step in the long journey of collective repair and healing from trauma.

We demand reparations be given to Indigenous and African American people and all oppressed peoples across the world where white supremacist genocide has destroyed the natural rhythm of life. No longer will white supremacy, fragility, guilt, and saviorism be tolerated. We demand that white bodied individuals and communities deepen their understandings of what reparations looks like by doing self work, healing, and creating dialogue and learning opportunities for the white community.

The time is NOW.


Growing and healing through the land.

  • -honoring the land we are on and the spirits and ancestors who have taken care of the land.

  • -growing food with natural practices and respecting Indigenous connections to the land.

  • -educating and building skills and confidence.

  • -spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional healing through connection, nutrients, and manifestation.

  • -volunteer opportunities providing education for all ages and skill levels.

  • -creating environmental and social justice driven educational workshops and literature.

Providing free produce and medicine to Twin Cities Communities.

  • -grass roots outreach and engagement with marginalized communities to provide the highest amounts of produce to the ones who need it most.

  • -pop up free markets with produce and Medicine grown in Divine Natural Ancestry gardens, donations from other organizations, and individual growers.

  • -partnering with local organizations and businesses to create mini free produce markets.

  • -delivering produce to the elderly and those with limited mobility.

Building community through food shares, healing events, and free community dinners.

  • -bi-weekly/monthly community dinners providing nutritious and healing meals for free to the public.

  • -pairing with local POC farmers, creatives, organizations, and visionaries to host community events.

  • -food/recipe share opportunities with community members.

  • -engagement with residents surrounding the gardens to create excitement about sharing space in the garden, using the land alongside each other, respectful harvesting practices, accessing those in the most need of produce, etc.

  • -free pop up events in the gardens with music, activities, food, education, etc.

  • -creating surveys to get a better understanding of the ways in which the people of Minneapolis hold story around food and their access to nutritious foods and medicine, land, and community to grow food.