We now have organic food growing for community in Southside Minneapolis on the block of 31st and Pillsbury. Thanks to Doe and Lyndale Neighborhood Association for the compost and support with getting water for the plants, Armand and to all the volunteers, youth and ancestors who helped us get food into this earth.

We will continue to dance, pray, and make ritual on this land as we educate and learn with community about the best ways to share food and learn practices that are in alignment with the earth. Come harvest!

Tamales y Bicicletas

We are so grateful and full of love for Ashley at Tamales y Bicicletas for opening up space for us to grow food in! This has been the home for most of our plants before they got put into the earth and we are also growing food in their gardens there! From Bike and Garden tours, to collaborative meals and community education, we are so excited for growing with you. More events coming soon, check us on instagram for updates @divinenaturalancestry

Please support this work!

NORTHSIDE, Wakanda Farm!

Lily Springs Farm!

Thank you to Project Sweetie Pie for offering us this empty lot to pop up and build a beautiful garden in Northside Minneapolis! Starting this space from scratch took a lot of hard work, but it’s coming together beautifully. We still need a shed, picnic table, more compost and volunteers, so reach out if you want to support and ALLWAYS reparations!

This location is on the block of 26th and Oliver North and is full of food to be distributed and harvested all summer in North Minneapolis. We have already been getting to know the people in the neighborhood, building with the youth, and handing fresh food to people on the block.

Planning events and workshops at this location this summer or just come by and add helping hands. We will continue to sing to this land, heal on this land, learn on this land, listen to this land. Giving thanks!

Sweet sweet joy.

As we move slowly and listen to the whispers of the land, we are also peacefully growing food at Lily Springs Farm in Osceola, Wisconsin. We are grateful have our toes and fingers in this earth, sharing space with beautiful humans, goats, hazelnuts, fruit trees, and all of the powers of the woods. We are growing squash, onions, potatoes, cabbage, herbs, flax, carrots, radish and so much more in store and will distribute for free to people in need in the Twin Cities!

We are planning some exciting activities and will need harvesting support, so reach out with reparations and other ways to hold us up.